2010 Road Safety annual report

In 2010, there were 67,288 road traffic injury accidents. 3,992 people were killed within 30 days of their accident, including 485 pedestrians, 147 cyclists, 248 moped users, 704 motorcyclists, 2,117 motorists and 65 truck users. 130 children aged 14 or under died, 161 teenagers aged 15-17, 831 young adults aged 18-24, 764 seniors aged 65 or over.

The purpose of the 2010 road safety report is to raise awareness of accidents and to understand their components, in particular through thematic and cross-sectoral analyses. It is also a question of highlighting the major challenges of road safety.

During this period, road safety remains a priority policy. Indeed, the objective set by the European Union is to halve road deaths between 2010 and 2020. At the same time, France also hopes to reduce the number of people killed on the road and thus count fewer than 2,000 people killed in 2020.

In 2010 all indicators show a decrease, with -7% of injured people (including -8.8% of hospitalized people) and -6.6% of fatalities. France passes under the symbolic bar of 4,000 people killed, and has a death rate per million inhabitants of 62. It is at the level of the European average and ranks eleventh among the 27 Member States.

The year 2010 was favourable for all age groups, with the exception of the 0-14 age group (+6.6%). By road user category, the decrease in mortality for passenger car occupants remains at -2% as in 2009, while that of motorcycle users is clearly decreasing (-19.8%).

On the other hand, fatalities in accidents involving at least one heavy vehicle increased sharply (+9.9%) as a result of the increase in vehicle traffic over 3.5 tonnes in 2010 (+3.7).

Guidelines were set by the Inter-ministerial Committee on Road Safety held in February 2010.

On 25 November, the road safety and education policy was transferred to the Ministry of the Interior, with the exception of road infrastructure safety and technical vehicle regulation policies, which remain the responsibility of the Minister of Ecology in charge of Transport.