Data visualisation long series by Cerema

Cerema has developed an online data visualisation tool for accident data from 1968 to the present day, according to several types of variables. It provides easy-to-use graphs that highlight key road safety issues.

The development by Cerema of this online application allows wider dissemination of statistical series on road deaths in mainland France. With a few clicks of the mouse, this tool allows users to see changes in road deaths according to their mode of travel (pedestrians, motorcyclists, car drivers, etc.), as well as according to their age and gender.

More than 50 years of data from the national road traffic accidents database (BAAC) in mainland France have been formatted by Cerema using the indicators developed by the ONISR, which are certified by the Public Statistics Authority.

Here are some examples of what these analyses can yield:

An analysis by age and mode of travel (see above) makes it possible, for example, to understand which issues mainly affect users over 75.


The visualisation of the cumulative number of fatalities from 1968 to 2019 according to age also highlights the high stake that young people represent in road deaths. Over this period, more than 16,800 people in the 19-year-old age group alone have died.

With the help of a few interactive graphs, the application highlights both the major issues that can be encountered today and the major road safety trends over time.

The application is easy to use, accessible to all, and is intended to be updated every year. The Cerema article presenting the application is available here, and the application itself is available  here.