Mandate 2020-2022

Following a call for candidates from the scientific and technical community and a selection by jury, the members of the committee of experts for the 2020-2022 term of office were appointed by decree dated 20 February 2020. The decree can be downloaded opposite.

The members of the Committee of Experts for the term 2020-2022 are as follows:

  • Laurent ARTH (BEA-TT): the BEA-TT is an ex officio member - Accidentology
  • Jean-Pascal ASSAILLY (Gustave Eiffel University): Youth Psychology
  • Pierre CASTAING (EuroNCAP) : Vehicle equipment
  • Laurent CARNIS (Gustave Eiffel University): Economics, Criminology
  • Gilles DUCHAMP (Cerema): Data analysis, traffic engineering
  • Marie-Axelle GRANIE (Gustave Eiffel University): Psychology and Gender Differences
  • Benoit HIRON (Cerema): Accidentology in urban areas
  • Florence HUGUENIN-RICHARD (Sorbonne University): Geography and planning
  • Reakka KRÖGER (CEESAR): Statistics and simulation
  • Sylviane LAFONT (Gustave Eiffel University): Rhone register
  • Emmanuel LAGARDE (INSERM): Epidemiology and Seniors
  • Olivier MONNEUSE (University of Lyon 1): Road Traumatology
  • Manuelle SALATHE (ONISR) : the ONISR is a member by right - Accidentology
  • Hélène TATTEGRAIN (Gustave Eiffel University): Driving Ergonomics
  • Eric VIOLETTE (Cerema) : Interurban infrastructure - Motorized two-wheelers