Ministerial partners

Various ministries and central administrations produce data related to road safety.

Direction générale de la gendarmerie nationale  Direction générale de la police nationale

Police forces collect data on road traffic injuries on site. The central directorates of public security, the CRS, the gendarmerie and Paris national police are responsible for leading national police forces locally and provide us with information throughout the year on the consolidation of accident data and offences. In the context of exchanges between the various  information systems, in particular to ensure that developments are coordinated, contacts are close.

For more information : Gendarmerie nationale et Police nationale



The mission of the Statistical Data and Studies Department (SDES) is to organise the socio-economic and statistical observation system in the fields of housing, construction, transport, energy, environment and sustainable development, in liaison with national, European and international institutions.

The Transport Directorate is responsible for the production, exchange and publication of statistical and economic information, analysis and synthesis in the field of transport. It acts as secretary and rapporteur of the National Transport Accounts Commission.

For more information : SDES transportation data



ANTAI is the National Agency for the Automated Processing of Offences. It was created by Decree No. 2011-348 of 29 March 2011. Its mission is to contribute to the fight against road accidents, within the framework of the policy conducted by the Ministry of the Interior.

It is responsible for managing the entire contravention chain: managing the offence message (radar flash and electronic report), sending the contravention notice and facilitating payments and disputes.

For more information : ANTAI


Service statistique du ministère de la justice

The Statistical Service of Justice is the Sub-Directorate of Statistics and Studies (S/D SE) at the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice. The statistical field of justice concerns the functioning of judicial institutions, delinquency, crime, but also civil litigation (private disputes, divorces, adoptions, acquisitions of nationality, business failures, etc.) and the prison population.

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