Annual road safety reports

The collection of annual reports in French dates back to 1954. The French road safety observatory  (ONISR) took over from Setra in 1991,while the observatory officially became inter-ministerial in 1993 and was placed close to the inter-ministerial Director for road safety. Today, the observatory is responsible for collecting, formatting, interpreting and disseminating national and international statistical data relating to road safety.

Each year, the publication of the road safety report is a highlight of its activity. The assessment is aimed at a public of specialists and non-specialists alike. The purpose of the annual report is to present road safety performance, to make people understand accidents components, in particular through thematic and transversal analyses. It is also a question of highlighting the major challenges of road safety. Since 2017, the focus on Overseas France has been enhanced and new landmark studies have been added.


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