Open Data

ONISR provides online detailed data up to 2018, extracted from the national road traffic accident database ; elements specific to the investigation have been removed to protect from the risk of persons identification.

2019 data will be available October 2020.

For each injury accident (i.e. an accident occurring on a road open to public traffic, involving at least one vehicle and resulting in at least one victim requiring care), information describing the accident is entered by the police unit (police, gendarmerie, etc.) that intervened at the accident site. All these accident files constitute the national road traffic accident database known as "BAAC", administered by the French Road Safety Observatory (ONISR).

Since 5 December 2011, a number of data from the national accident file have been available on, a website intended to receive and disseminate public data from the Government and other public organisations. ONISR provides detailed data extracted from BAAC.

Some fields relating to users and vehicles and their behaviour are not provided, as the disclosure of such data would infringe the protection of the privacy of easily identifiable persons or reveal the behaviour of such persons, when the disclosure of such behaviour could harm them (CADA opinion - 2 January 2012).

The database lists all road traffic accidents that occurred between 2005 and 2017 in France (including the 5 French overseas counties : Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion Island ; and Mayotte since 2012), with a simplified description (plus a severity index). This includes all information available in BAAC re accident location as well as most vehicle information and casualty counts.

This database includes 958,469 accidents (929,164 for metropolitan France and 29,305 for the French overseas departments) and 1,635,824 vehicles involved in accidents (1,585,715 for metropolitan France and 50,109 for the French overseas departments).

This database is also available as 4 .csv files (characteristics, locations, vehicles, users) per BAAC year, i.e. 13x4=52 files.

The data tables are available on website