Already selected projects

Thanks to the call for projects, DSR and ONISR have demonstrated their ability to attract the attention and interest of external stakeholders, whether from the private or public sector.

Two sessions were held in 2018, during which 50 projects were submitted. While the main partners remain Ifsttar and Cerema, DSR was also approached by hospitals, universities and associations, all of which contributed to the success of this call for projects.

This page lists the projects that were accepted by the selection committee.

2019 call for projects - single session

The single session of the call for projects was organised according to a schedule from March to June 2019. The selected projects are :

  • 2019-3-6 : Driving arrangements for patients with neurocognitive disorders: adapted therapeutic education programme in geriatrics and neurology (ACCOMPAGNE)
  • 2019-3-8 : Automatic Processing of Emergency Passage Summaries for a National Observatory (TARPON)
  • 2019-3-11 : Threat of stereotype in driving (MESCA)
  • 2019-3-13 : The Rhone Register of Road Traffic Injuries (RegTrauma 2)
  • 2019-3-17 : Prevention of Two-Wheeler and Motor Vehicle Accidents among Young People (PRADAJ)
  • 2019-3-21 : Observatory of Mobility in Active Modes (OBSMMA)
  • 2019-3-25 : Impact on road behaviour of students' beliefs about the risk of accidents and optimisation of the prevention devices currently in use (Croyance Etudiants)
  • 2019-3-26 : Improving the safety of two-way roads (SECUBIDI)
  • 2019-3-27 : Uncased vehicles: Characterizing their practices and risk behaviours in urban areas for effective safety measures (VNC)
  • 2019-3-28 : The effects of carpooling on driver behaviour (CO3)

2018 call for projects - 2nd session

The 2nd session of the call for projects was organised according to a schedule from April to September 2018. The selected projects are:

  • 2018-2-5 : Experimental road crossing assistance arrangements adapted to behaviour
  • 2018-2-6 : Development of Innovative Structures to Dissipate Crash Energy : Application to Road Safety (SidecaR)
  • 2018-2-7 : Biphasic effects of alcohol on driving (BIALCOL)
  • 2018-2-8 : Evaluation and modelling of motorcycle restraint systems
  • 2018-2-11 : Learning to Control and Practice Wheel Machines at School : Evaluation of actions to educate for handling, safety and citizenship skills? (AMPERE)
  • 2018-2-15 : Improving knowledge on territorial inequalities in traffic accidents among young French people (APR)
  • 2018-2-16 : Relationship to the rule and perceived legitimacy: evaluation of nudges as a lever for compliance and adherence to traffic rules (Nudges 2RLP)
  • 2018-2-17 : Prevention actions to reduce  students addictions-related road risks (PERLA)   
  • 2018-2-18 : Longitudinal study on accessing motorcycle driving (MOTARD)
  • 2018-2-20 : Effect of (over)loads on the braking distance of light commercial vehicles (Utility vehicles)
  • 2018-2-22 : Reinforcement of the evaluation of PTW interfile traffic (RECIF)
  • 2018-2-23 : Infrastructure diagnosis and vehicle dynamics (DYMOA+ )
  • 2018-2-25 : Social and territorial disparities in road risk in peri-urban or rural areas (SANUIT-TRAUMA)

2018 call for projects - 1st session

The 1st call for projects was held from November 2017 to March 2018. The selected projects are:

  • 2018-1-1-1 : Study of the accidentology of powered two wheelers
  • 2018-1-2 : Method for the socio-economic valuation of road morbidity (M-Vasem)
  • 2018-1-3 : Influence of drug use on road accident risk
  • 2018-1-4 : Methodology for setting up an observatory for motorised two-wheelers (OBS 2RM)
  • 2018-1-7 : Study of urban youth decision-making mechanisms to ride a bicycle under the influence of alcohol and drugs (Velivr')
  • 2018-1-8 : Concertation for the sharing of knowledge and the setting up of collaborative projects for the healthy and safe mobility of older people (age-concert)
  • 2018-1-9 : Determinants and consequences of regulating driving activity among older people (SELFIE)
  • 2018-1-10 : Social Influence and Self-Assessment of its Capabilities among Older Pedestrians - Study of street crossing on a pedestrian simulator (Isapa)
  • 2018-1-13 : Which interactions between automated vehicle and pedestrians Tomorrow? (Automa-PieD)
  • 2018-1-14 : Head Injuries and Protection of Vulnerable Road Users (TC-Pro-Uv)
  • 2018-1-15 : Urban Road Safety Policies (PUSER) - Characterizations and developments in major French cities.
  • 2018-1-17 : Study of pedestrian fatal accidents in 2015
  • 2018-1-19 : Better knowledge of cyclists' behaviour in urban areas: assistance to communities to prevent risks related to cycling (COCY)
  • 2018-1-20 : Effect of the cross-track profile on cornering behaviour (PROFILE +)
  • 2018-1-21 : Increase in the use of electric-assisted vehicles among seniors: what are the possible impacts on road safety? What prevention?
  • 2018-1-22 : Accidentology and care systems for severe road trauma victims in urban areas: case of the Ile de France region (Traumabase)
  • 2018-1-24 : Study on how to complement awareness training for repeat driving offenders.