2013 Road Safety annual report

In 2013, there were 56,812 road traffic injury accidents in mainland France. 3,268 people were killed within 30 days of their accident, including 465 pedestrians, 147 cyclists, 159 moped users, 631 motorcyclists, 1,612 motorists, 57 truck users. 97 children aged 14 and under died, 102 teenagers aged 15-17, 636 young adults aged 18-24 and 688 seniors aged 65 and over.

In the overseas counties, 159 people were killed.

In French Overseas Communities and New Caledonia, 68 people were killed.

The purpose of the 2013 Road Safety Report is to raise awareness of accidents and to understand their components, in particular through thematic and cross-sectoral analyses. It is also a question of highlighting the major challenges of road safety.

France mainland results :

The downward trend of recent years is accentuated in 2013. 415 lives have been saved (including 30 in the French overseas counties) compared to 2012. The 3,427 people killed included the 159 people from overseas.

By category of user, occupants of passenger vehicles account for half of all road deaths in mainland France. The rate is halved in the French overseas counties, but pedestrians account for a quarter of all deaths, and powered-two wheelers, motorcyclists or moped riders, account for 159 people killed in 2013.

On March 4, 2013, the first new generation of mobile radars came into service.

On 7 November, a European directive facilitates the cross-border exchange of road safety information.