December 2020 Road Safety dashboard

In December 2020, 234 people were killed on French roads, in France mainland or in overseas territories.

Within the context ofCovid19 health crisis, a second lockdown was put in place from 30 October 2020 to 13 December 2020. Some leeway was acknowledged compared to the first lockdown : schools remained open and businesses could carry on working, although non-essential shops were closed up to 27th November.


In France Mainland, 209 people died on the roads in December 2020, 75 fewer than in December 2019. The estimated number of fatalities is lower than last year for car users
(112 killed or 38 less) and powered two wheelers (21 killed or 27 less). The number of pedestrians (52 killed) and cyclists (12 killed) fatalities is stable.



In French Overseas, 25 people died on roads in December 2020, +6 killed compared to December 2019.