September 2019 Road Safety dashboard

313 people were killed on the roads of France mainland in September 2019, 9 fewer than in September 2018.

France mainland

931 people died in the 3rd quarter of 2019, compared to 896 in 2018. This shows an increase of +4%, therefore 35 more people killed. This increase mainly concerns motorists (28 more killed), young people aged 18-24 (26 more killed) and pedestrians (9 more killed).

In September 2019, 313 people died, 9 fewer than in September 2018.
This decrease, on all road networks, mainly concerns motorists. However, mortality among young adults is increasing compared to September 2018, by 10 more deaths.

Over the first three quarters of 2019, it is estimated that 2443 people were killed, compared to 2496 killed over the five-year average of 2013-2017 taken as a reference. According to initial estimates, this result would be as follows :

  • motorway fatalities are estimated at 224 deaths compared to an average of 200 over 5 years, an increase of 24 deaths;
  • mortality on roads outside urban areas would be 1,476 deaths compared to 1,574 on average over 5 years, a decrease of 98 deaths;
  • mortality in urban areas is estimated at 743 deaths compared to an average of 722 over 5 years, an increase of 21 deaths.

Spring weather in the first quarter of 2019 generated unusual travel practices for the winter, while the second quarter was more average. Road mortality in the third quarter is higher than last year, to varying degrees depending on the network: a more marked increase on motorways and roads in urban areas than on roads outside urban areas.

Mortality trend according to the road network since end 2016

The graph below shows the comparative evolution between mortality on roads outside urban areas (in green), 90% of which is composed of that recorded on two-way roads limited to 80 km/h since 1 July 2018, and mortality on other road networks (motorways and roads/roads in urban areas, in orange). While mortality on these networks is back to the level of mortality at the end of 2016, mortality on roads outside urban areas is down by -9%.


16 people died on overseas roads in September 2019, 3 fewer people killed than in September 2018.