2019 Road Safety Annual Report

Final road traffic accidents results for 2019 are now published : nearly 3,500 people died on the roads of mainland France or overseas.

3,498 people died on the roads of France (mainland France and overseas) in 2019, 10 more than in 2018 (the lowest mortality recorded).

In 2019, there were 56,016 road traffic accidents in mainland France. 3,244 people were killed within 30 days of their accident, including 483 pedestrians, 10 users of personal mobility devices (such as electric scooters), 187 cyclists, 134 moped riders, 615 motorcyclists, 1,622 motorists, 98 users of utility vehicles, 36 users of heavy goods vehicles. 66 children aged 14 or under died, 87 teenagers aged 15-17, 549 young people aged 18-24, 849 senior citizens aged 65 or over.

In Overseas Counties, 162 people were killed.

In  Overseas Collectivities and New Caledonia, 92 people were killed.

The main indicators of the road traffic injury accidents recorded by police forces (BAAC file, data for year N in a final version in May of year N+1, near final version in January of year N+1) are certified by the French Authority for Public Statistics. View here to see the certified indicators.

Final road safety results in France (mainland and overseas) :

3,498 people died in 2019 on the roads of France, in mainland France or overseas.

Trends in accident rates in France mainland (the main final indicators are certified by the French Authority for Public Statistics):

3,244 people died on the roads of France mainland in 2019, 4 fewer than in 2018. Road deaths are considered stable compared to 2018, with a variation of -0.1%.

The numbers of injury accidents and injured people show a slight increase (+0.4 % and +0.9 % respectively).

Mortality on motorways is stable in 2019 compared to 2018 (6 less people killed). Since 2000, mortality has fallen by more than half on this network (-55%). In built-up areas, mortality has increased by +8% compared to 2018, i.e. 74 more deaths in 2019. Since 2000, mortality has also fallen by more than half (-54 %). Outside built-up areas, mortality decreased by 72 deaths in 2019 compared to 2018 (-4% in 2019 compared to 2018). Since 2000, mortality has decreased by -63% on this network.

Road mortality declined by 5-year age groups and by gender indicates that young adult males are still the populations most affected by road crashes.

Mortality as a proportion of the population is still highest for 18-24 year olds, although it has decreased significantly since 2010 (152 young people killed per million young people in 2010, 105 in 2019). The national average is stable at 50 killed per million inhabitants. The rate stabilizes at 63 killed per million population for those aged 65 and over.

Road safety overseas :

254 people died on the overseas routes in 2019, including 162 in the overseas counties and 92 in the overseas communities or New Caledonia. This is an increase of +5.8% compared with 2018, and a decrease of -9.3% compared with 2010.