According to the 2007 decree governing the establishment of the national road traffic injury register, an injury road traffic accident (fatal and non-fatal) :

  • involves at least one victim,
  • occurs on a public or private road, open to public traffic
  • and involves at least one vehicle.

A pedestrian who falls alone and is injured or dies as a result of their injuries is not a victim of a traffic accident because there is no vehicle in the accident.

An injury accident involves a number of users. Some are unharmed (involved not deceased and whose condition does not require any medical care as a result of the accident), others are victims (involved not unharmed).

Among the victims, we can distinguish between :

  • persons killed (persons who die as a result of the accident, on the spot or within 30 days of the accident)
  • injured persons (victims not deceased). Among the injured, a distinction should be made between the so-called "hospitalized"  (victims hospitalized for more than 24 hours) and the slightly injured (victims who have received medical treatment but have not been admitted as hospital inpatients for more than 24 hours).
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