Work-related road risk

38 % of personal accidents involve at least one user roading from home to work or on business trips.

Work-related trips (home-to-work or work trip) account for 16 % of road deaths. Road risk is the leading cause of work-related mortality and leads to 6 million work stoppages, a cost for companies of 725 million euros (CNAMTS, White Paper, 2012).

In 2008, the home-to-work trips represented 27 % of the number of trips of less than 80 km. In 2013, two thirds of working people work outside their commune of residence and half of these people travel more than 15 km per day. 52 % of people killed during a home-to-work trip are killed in passenger cars or light goods vehicles. 37 % are in 2WD while this mode is used in only 2 % of home-to-work trips. Public transport (including rail) accounts for 15 % of home-work trips, while only two users were killed in 2019 during these trips.

Half of the people killed during a work trip were killed in light or heavy goods vehicles.

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