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Monthly numbers of accidents, fatalities and injured people

Road user fatalities in France mainland

Pedestrian fatalities per trimester
Cyclist and e-scooter fatalities per trimester
Moped user fatalities per trimester
Biker fatalities per trimester
Car user fatalities per trimester
HGV user fatalities per trimester
Young adults (18-24 y/o) fatalities per trimester
Older user (65 y/o and over) fatalities per trimester

Fatal accidents in France mainland in 2019

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accident bidi corse

March 2021 Road Safety dashboard

In March 2021, 185 fatalities occurred on the roads of mainland France and 22 overseas.


Effect of curfew in Q1 2021 during the COVID crisis

The travel restrictions linked to the curfew in particular have reduced road accidents. Unlike the first lockdown in 2020, the number of fatalities has fallen more than the number of injuries.

Emergency services on site

2020 Road Safety Annual Report

According to near-final results from 2020, 2,782 people died in 2020 on French roads, mainland or overseas.

Behaviour observatory

Road user behaviour observatory

Behaviours are observed by a specialised company on behalf of ONISR. They survey the use of seat belts, the use of helmets for motorcyclists and cyclists, the use of telephones while driving and vehicle occupancy.

contrôles des forces de l'ordre

2019 Road traffic violations annual report

In 2019, more than 26 million traffic violations were reported by national police forces, ANTAI, and municipal police.