Road traffic and trips

The development of road networks from the 1950s onwards met the growing need for trips and reduced travel times. Until 1972, it was accompanied by an increase in the number of road accidents, albeit at a slower rate than the increase in traffic.

To curb this increase in accidents, road safety policies have gradually been implemented, including a dedicated infrastructure component.
Road traffic is an important indicator for understanding and analysing the risk of accidents. Traffic by motor vehicle category allows exposures to be compared by mode of travel.

For example, the over-risk of motorcycle riders is particularly high: the risk of being killed for a motorcyclist or moped rider, driver or passenger, relative to his share in motorized traffic, is 21 times higher than for motorists.
Since the arrival of the car, traffic has continued to increase. And despite the increase in mortality between 2013 and 2016, the number of people killed per billion kilometres travelled is decreasing.

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