Powered-two/three wheelers

Powered-2/3 wheelers (PTW) include both moped users and motorcyclists, whether with 2 or 3 wheels.

The moped is a machine of less than 50 cc and not exceeding 45km/h, while the motorcycle has cylinders exceeding 50 cc. The first category therefore includes two-wheeled scooter vehicles. Three-wheeled scooters over 50 cc are classified in the motorcycle category, along with two-wheeled motorcycles. In 2022, 124 moped users and 594 motorcyclists were killed.

According to calculations made during a survey called on PTW Fleet 2019 (Parc Auto 2RM), the risk of being killed on a moped, for a distance of one kilometre covered, is 17 times greater than the same risk at the wheel of a car. For the same motorcycle/car comparison, the risk is 22 times higher this time.

The severity of accidents is also strongly linked to the power of the PTW. Logically, the higher the speeds, the greater the dangers and potential damage. Hence the importance of equipment and the obligation to wear a helmet since 1973 for motorcyclists and 1980 for moped riders. Since 2016, the wearing of suitable gloves (CE certified) is mandatory for all PTWs.

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