Bicycles and personal mobilicy devices

While active mobility is being promoted, by bicycle or on foot, personal mobility devices (PMDs) are arriving. The PMDs cover motorized (electric scooters, segways, gyro-pods, etc.) or non-motorized vehicles (rollerblades, classic scooters, skate boards, etc.). In 2020, 7 people were killed in motorized PMDs, compared to 178 cyclists (including 16 pedelec users) and 391 pedestrians. Among these 391 pedestrians, 2 non-motorized PMD users are recorded.

The risk of a cyclist being killed per hour spent in traffic is three times higher than for a car user but 10 times lower than for a motorcyclist. The risk of being seriously injured is 16 times higher than for a car user but 8 times lower than for a powered-two wheeler. The most serious injuries are head injuries, hence the importance of wearing a helmet.

cyclists and EDP on the green lane