Monthly dashboard

The quick reporting transmitted by the services of the Ministry of the Interior on provisional numbers for injury accidents, fatalities, and injured people makes it possible to give a provisional estimate of the accidentality results in France for a given month from the first days of the following month.

These estimates, extrapolated from the provisional figures, are presented in a monthly dashboard offering various comparisons (from the month to the same month of the previous year, from the first n months of the year to the same n months of the previous year) as well as trend monitoring based on 12 sliding months.

Since January 2017, the monhtly dashboard has been presented in a new computer graphics that highlights the entry of monthly figures over 12 months. Based on a rolling year, the reality of the underlying trends in road accidents is more relevant than monthly data, which are by definition more cyclical. In addition, all key accident figures are presented via concentric discs. It makes it possible to perceive at a single glance the shock wave produced by road accidents.

silhouettes of killed
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