Automation and equipment

Euro NCAP, the European New Vehicle Assessment Programme, is an independent body created in 1997. It conducts crash tests to provide consumers with an assessment of the safety of new vehicles. The evaluation protocol is regularly reviewed to include the latest innovations and to encourage their integration into the production of mass production vehicles.

As human error accounts for 92 % of fatal accidents, new technologies offer significant scope for progress in road safety. Although their benefit isn't yet assessed, several driving assistance devices could reduce the number of accidents and therefore fatalities, such as the detection of pedestrians or obstacles, decelerations, immobilizers in the event of excessive blood alcohol levels, cooperative warning systems, particularly at intersections, etc...

The experimentation on the public road of vehicles with a driving delegation or autonomous vehicles in France is now possible by the ordinance of 3 August 2016. These experiments aim to enable the autonomous vehicle to prove itself in terms of reliability and safety.

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