2021 call for research projects

The 2021 Road Safety Directorate call for study and research projects has been closed : applications were due by 7 April 2021, 5pm

The Road Safety Directorate (DSR) is organising its 5th session of the DSR 2018-2022 call for study and research projects. 

There is only one call in 2021, scheduled as follows :

  •     Filing of applications from 6 January 2021 to 7 April 2021
  •     Selection of projects April-May 2021,
  •     Agreements should be signed off from June 2021 onwards.

The language to be used is French, whether it is to apply for the grants or during the research project to communicate between partners and issue the due deliverables.

Organisation process for the 5th session of the Road Safety Directorate (DSR) Call for Research projects :

1. Quality and address of the competent authority

Délégation à la sécurité routière (Road Safety Directorate)

Ministère de l'Intérieur - Place Beauvau

75 800 PARIS CEDEX 08

2. Priority themes of the call for research projects

The priority themes for studies and research selected are as follows:

  • Vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooterists, moped riders or motorcyclists)
  • The more at-risk age groups : young adults and senior people, in particular those age 75 or over
  • Reducing the number of seriously injured people
  • Behavioural factors (speed, alcohol, drugs, non-compliance with traffic rules, lack of attention and loss of alertness)
  • Aid for compliance with rules and safe travel
  • The smart vehicle
  • Evaluation of road safety measures and synergies with other public policies

3. Applicants eligibility

Any public, semi-public or private organisation operating in the field of road safety is eligible for this call for projects. The language used during the bid and the research project is French. As the grant is subject to French regulations, it cannot cover the whole of the project expenditure.

4. Deadline for the submission of applications

Applications must obey the proposed format and be received at the latest April 07, 2021 at 5pm (Paris time).

5. How to apply

Project leaders may send a dematerialized version (PDF format) of the submission file to the following address:


Applicants may request the services of the DSR for further information.

6. Project selection procedures

Under a simplified procedure, the applications will be examined by the relevant DSR services. Their pre-selection will be submitted to a selection committee, chaired by the Interministerial Director for Road Safety. Subsequently, an exchange phase with the project team and the DSR services will make it possible to complete the application that have raised the attention of the members of the selection committee and, if necessary, to draw up the grant agreement.

7. Provisional timetable for the procedure 3rd session :

  • Opening date of the Call for projects : 6 January 2021
  • Closing date of the Call for projects : 5:00 pm on 7 April 2021
  • Meeting of the Selection Committee : April-May 2021
  • Signing of the grant agreement: from June 2021 onwards.