Demerit point system

The number of points withdrawn in 2021 is 14.6 million for 10.2 million offences processed that result in points being withdrawn.

In 2021, 14.6 million points were removed:

- 10.1 million for speeding ;
- 1.6 million for failing to respect the right of way;
- 1.0 million for phone/earphone use;
- 850,000 for traffic rules (excluding such);
- 507,000 for blood alcohol;
- 250,000 for drug use;
- 220,000 for not wearing a seatbelt.
56.3% of the points are taken away for 1-point offences; 6.1% for 6-point offences.


8 out of 10 drivers still have 12 points on their license, but only 50% of the alleged fatal crashers (APAM) still have 12 points on their license.

Driving licences invalidated as a result of no points left

In 2021, 74,902 licenses were invalidated for lack of points. In 84% of cases, the driver was a man. 56.3% of points were withdrawn for 1-point offences; 6.1% for 6-point offences.
Licenses invalidated for a single infraction involved 4,034 people, including:

- 1,403 people for the single offense of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (6 points) ;

- 760 people for the sole reason of driving while under the influence of drugs (6 points) ;

- 947 people for the only reason of not respecting a stop sign or a red light (4 points) ;

- 129 persons for the only reason of speeding of at least 50 km/h (6 points) ;

- 219 people had their driver's license invalidated for speeding less than 20 km/h (1 point) alone, compared to 121 in 2019.

Point restitution

3.6 million drivers had their initial capital of 12 points restored after 2 or 3 years without a new offence, down -9.9 6.3 million drivers recovered a point after 6 months without a new offence, i.e. +37.9%.

In 2021 (provisional data), 25,907 courses were organized for 360,198 trainees, i.e:

- 336,169 trainees for the reconstitution of the capital of points (training courses known as "points license");

- 24,029 trainees for alternatives to legal proceedings or penal composition (so-called "justice" courses).

Driver's licenses issued

In 2021, 904,999 B licenses were issued as well as 7,251 A1 licenses and 108,799 A2 licenses.

Temporality of the sanction

Data on offenses detected by law enforcement are recorded in the month following the offense. The points are effectively withdrawn several months later for tickets, when the ticket is paid or when all administrative appeals are exhausted, and for misdemeanors when the judgment is pronounced.