Convictions for traffic offences

In 2020, 213,132 convictions resulted in 364,656 traffic safety violations. This represents 4 out of every 10 convictions handed down by the courts in 2019 and 2020.

This summary is based on semi-final 2019 and provisional 2020 data provided by the Ministry of Justice.

The scope covered by the statistical data of the Ministry of Justice consists of convictions handed down, according to various procedures (criminal orders, court judgment and appearance on a preliminary admission of guilt), for a 5th class offence and contravention relating to road safety and entered in the Criminal Record. In addition, there are criminal compositions which are alternative procedures that do not constitute the first term of recidivism but whose measures are recorded in the criminal record.

Non-compliance with road traffic regulations

In 2020, 213,132 convictions for 364,656 offences were broken down into :

  • 1180,471 convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol: down - 2.9% compared to 2018 after an increase of +8% over the period 2000-2017. Of these convictions, 17,237 convictions, or 16%, show repeat offenses ;
  • 48,052 convictions for driving under the influence of drugs, up +120% from 2013 ;
  • 2,748 convictions for speeding (50 km/h or more).

Lack of proper documents

62,554 convictions (29.3% of the total) for 62,569 "paper" offences (29.3% of the total). These offences relating to the absence of a driver's license and the lack of insurance are frequently found in conjunction with other offences and are therefore often associated with each other or with other offences within the same conviction.

Over the 2014-2018 period, the number of convictions for "paper" offenses decreased slightly (-3%), the result of a decrease in the number of insurance violations (-18%). However, there was an increase over the same period in the number of convictions for driving without a license (+3%) and for driving despite a suspended license (+4%).

Obstacle to police forces control

11,415 convictions for 11,422 offences (5.3% of the total) for hit-and-run, refusal to obey, refusal to check for alcohol or use of disruptive police instruments.
Imprisonment was imposed in 43% of cases. In the case of manslaughter, imprisonment, with or without a custodial sentence, is pronounced in 96% of cases.

Involuntary injuries

6,408 convictions for 6,438 offences (3% of the total). Of these convictions, 5,751 were for unintentional injury. Imprisonment is more often imposed if the driver presents aggravating circumstances.

Age of offenders

Unlicensed drivers are very young (39% are under the age of 25 in 2019). Young people are also are also highly represented among those convicted of insurance insurance (28% under 25 in 2019).

Gender of offenders

Overall, the proportion of women varies from one type of offence to another. It is particularly low for driving despite suspension (7.4 %) or driving under the influence of drugs (6.9 %). On the other hand, the proportion of women is much higher for unintentional bodily harm without aggravating circumstances (28.7 % in the case of injury, 25.2 % in the case of homicide). It should be noted that the proportion of women has increased in recent years in terms of drunk driving, from 6% in 2000 to 12% in 2020.